November 11, 2010


This is shot and directed by a group of people who call themself’s ( Raise it up TV )

Now we are not sure just how much freedom of the roads they have been granted, IF ANY.

Tell us your thoughts on this crazy crew.


  1. Mint but would be better with helmets on and also on a circuit where no-ones gonna get hurt 🙂 Very skilful but also stoooooooooopid

  2. Paul Lyth

    Now you know why its so hard for riders to get Moto X sponsorship, Because JOE PUBLIC think this is what we do at the weekends.

  3. Although it is skillfull to keep a wheelie going it is stupid to do so out on the road where there are other vehicles and pedestrians and showboating for the camera. Just plain stupid!!!!!

  4. Man last time I even thought about doing that I got ten feet out of my drive way and the under cover Narc Team that was wathching a house down the street lit me up. Cost me 1,300 dollars for no helmet and exibution of speed. I just rode a wheelie into my drive way. went down did a simple uturn, popped the front wheel up to go over the curb and the next thing I know it.s metal Bracelets and the back of a white van and badges and I can still hear my X wife screaming. Those kids have talent. Just wish they had helmets and that they would take all that talent to the track.

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