August 22, 2011

Billy Mac, Sore but OK.


A horrific accident involving Billy Mackenzie and Tanel leok during Moto2 of the FIM World MX1 motocross championship left everyone at Matterley Basin speechless and fearing the worst for the two riders.

Billy seemed to bear the brunt of the crash and was out cold; Paramedics attend to Billy and quickly whisked him on to a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Tanel seemed ok until receiving a lift on the back of his bike which was being driven by his mechanic. They seemed to come to a stop; Tanel dismounted the bike and collapsed to the floor. Paramedics then turned their attention to Leok and again used the stretcher.

Both riders were taken to hospital for further examination.

Billy Mackenzie has tweeted this morning,

I’m ok, feels like my head has been stamped on by an elephant, but no broken bones luckily!

We are still awaiting news on Leok.


  1. Shakes

    Good work Billy mac. Speedy recovery. Hope we can see u back racing a few more GP’S in the near future.

    • steve

      leok was at winchester hospital last night asked the people he was with how he was doing as he was with the medical staff when i arrived there and he left on foot at about 20.30 so i presume nothing to serious just a bit sore i did hear him asking weather the second race was restarted and asking who won so hopefully all ok

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