August 30, 2011

Who Is Tommy Weeck ??


Here in the UK, we’ve been hearing quite alot about a guy called Tommy Weeck for the past month or so, so we decided to get intouch and find out who and what is instore for the kid from Washington, U.S.

Firstly, Thanks for taking time out to speak with us.
No Problem.

Tommy, can you tell us a little about yourself??
Well i am 20 years old Originally from Redmond, Washington. Now living in Menifee, CA just trying to live my dream basically and doing what ever it takes to do that!

It seems you’ve been doing some riding with the Bud Racing Kawasaki Team in France, Have you signed a deal??
I’m just here trying out for the team next year! There plans for next year is to have Two MX2 riders, which right now Dylan Ferrandis is already signed! so I am hoping to join him for 2012!

How did you hear about the ride at Bud Racing?? Or did they contact you??
I had heard a lot about BUD in years past they are a very worldwide known company racing GPs and I had got in contact with them through some people at rockstar and before I knew it I was on a plane to come over and check everything out!

You surprised a few people at Washougal this year; can tell us how that gig went down??
Washougal was a incredible race for me. To finally have a bike that could compete with the factory’s was nice! It was pretty much all or nothing for me! I honestly wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be able to afford racing off my own budget so I knew I wanted to at least go out knowing I gave it everything I had! But man was it nice to be battling with the kids I grew up with again! But to be honest, it felt normal for me! if I had the chance to race every weekend on that level of bike I know I could be “one” of the guys!

So you managed to ride the BUD bike a couple of times now, how does this bike compare with your race bike at home??
The bike I am riding over here in France is incredible! I actually have a setup now that is setup for me!!! The Bud kawis are very impressive both chassis wise and motor wise! they definitely have a few years of experience behind the bike! The whole team has been nothing but open arms to me and willing to do what ever it takes to make me comfortable! I cant thank them enough for this opportunity!

Tommy trying out the Bud Racing Kawasaki

So, Its going to be your first GP this weekend, how are you feeling??
I am very excited to race the GP this weekend, Unfortunately I will not be able to do the MX2 class seeing how I was not able to get a entry cause it was full. They’re system over here in Europe is a lot different then ours in America! But I will be in the EMX2 for the weekend and possible if I can do well and something opens up I may get a chance to race Firmo in MX2

If you do race Firmo, do you think the MX2 guys will try and push you around on the track as you’re the new kid??
I don’t think they will try to much. I hold my own pretty well with my style of riding I beleive! but who knows this is a foreign country! haha!

How long will you be trying out with Bud Racing and when will you know if you have the deal??
The original tryout was suppose to be just through this weekend in Gaildorf, Germany, but since I got asked to race the MXoN I will be here until the 20th of September now! so im not really sure.

So you’re on the Puerto Rican team for the MXoN, can you tell us how that came to happen??
Honestly the MXoN is a dream come true for me! January of 2011 not in my wildest dreams did I think I would get the opportunity to race that. When they contacted me on facebook I honestly didn’t beleive it was true at first. I sat and just starred at the email basically in AW. I am very excited, people are really starting to see my talent and how hard I really do work at this sport! My life goes into it, so to have this opportunity is just incredible! It just gives me another shot to show the industry what I have to offer!

Well Tommy, Thanks again taking time out to speak with us, We wish you all the best for your first GP and of course the MXoN.
No worries at all, I really appreciate the opportunity to do it with you guys!!! and thanks a ton I cant wait to finally get to race again!!!

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  1. jake O'Reilly

    wow cool to see tommy over hear in europe all the best to him and the team and congrats for getting a place in the MXoN all the best and the helmet cam vid is sick!!! 😀

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