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September 22, 2011

Ellis Russell’s up the Pace – 90 Racing MXC

Kian Collinwood

A fantastic weekend started on Saturday with over 400 riders turning up to ride in the sunshine at FatCats.  On Saturday a small shower at dinner time saved us from watering the dusty track and stopped quickly leaving a perfect track.  Martin and Neil at FatCats prepared the track to take a pounding over the two days as more riders poured onto the track on Sunday again in blazing sun.  Only two blocks ran on the Sunday due to an accident involving Tayla Smith and Daniel Whittington and the club wishes get well soon to Tayla and Daniel.  A great time was had by all and some absolutely breath-taking racing went on for the many spectators who turned out.


Out first went the Autos with the event dominated by Kian Collinwood.  With fantastic daredevil riding throughout the event Collinwood showed some style to win first overall on Saturday.  Second overall was Lewis Wood who started the day with a win but couldn’t match the pace the rest of the day finishing second overall with 1-2-2.  Lewis McLeary was most consistent throughout the day and took overall third with some hard racing.


Sunday saw Kian Collinwood again stamp his authority on the meeting.  Maximum points from the races put Collinwood again on the top step of the podium.  Ellis Jones improved each race and took second overall.  Jones was tied on points with Lewis Wood but Jones had the better last moto leaving Wood in overall third.  Consistent strong racing again saw Lewis McLeary near the front of the pack in fourth overall.


Out next went the Junior 65s and this was clearly dominated on Saturday by flying Lewis Hall.  Placing 3-1-1 Hall had a fantastic day in the FatCats sand and ploughed through to overall first.  Denny Rapson had a most consistent day and finished 2-2-2 to take overall second in his first race since breaking his arm – which obviously did not affect his riding!  Dane Clarke Reeves also had a great day, winning the first race and with places 1-3-3 was the last on the podium in overall third.


Sunday saw fresh talent on the track and he looked good!  James Scott was back and wound it on to take overall first with maximum points placing 1-1.  Denny Rapson again showed his ability with 2-2 finishes giving him a well earned second overall.  Lewis Hall also showed his stuff again taking 3-3 with smooth flowing speed giving him third overall.


Next out went the Small Wheel 85 group and on Saturday Jack Camwell had an awesome day and really powered through the sand to take all three race wins with some stylish riding giving him the top place on the podium with first overall.  Keenan Armstrong chased hard all day and took second overall finishing 2-2-2.  Joe Jacques improved throughout the day with 4-3-3 places giving him the last podium position in overall third.


Sunday saw Keenan Armstrong back in the first spot and despite being unwell had places of 1-2 to take overall first with some excellent riding.  Keenan Hird was just behind him and took 2-4 to take a hard fought and well earned second place in front of consistent Joe Jacques who again showed lovely stylish riding to take overall third just ahead of Tom Hume in fourth.


Next out on Saturday went the Big Wheel 85 group and they were just awesome to watch.  Michael Eccles took the lead and held it throughout making it look effortless.  Maximum points to Eccles with three moto wins which gave him a deserved overall first.  Behind him and riding hard to catch him was Gradie Featherstone.  Featherstone had three excellent races and placed 2-2-2 to take overall second.  Consistent Will Jeonney also had a great day and really worked hard to take 3-3-3 places and the overall third place.


On Sunday again Michael Eccles just dominated the track and took maximum points to take overall first in fantastic style.  Will Jeonney again showed his skill driving the bike through the ruts at FatCats with ease.  Jeonney looked in the zone and took 2-2 places to take overall second.  Scooter Webster had some cracking battles on the track but won through to take overall third placing 4-4 with Kenny Ryalls in fourth.


Next up went the Youth Open group and this group pulled the spectators both days as they were just sensational to watch.  On Saturday Connor Clark rode three tremendous races to take overall first with maximum points from all three race wins giving him first overall.  Neil Roe placed 3-3-3 and was most constant in a changing field taking second overall.  Ryan Thornhill recovered well from a poor second race to come overall third placing 2-9-2.


Sunday saw Jack Kelly have two excellent races and place 1-2 to take overall first with terrific racing in an almost full line up.  Ryan Thornhill again was reliable in his standard and took second overall placing 2-4.  Ben Halfpenny recovered very well from a poor first race to take the last podium position in third overall virtue of his last race finish as he was tied on points with Thomas Davies, leaving Davies in fourth.


Next up went the Novices and they had a mixed bag of results but the front runners were pretty constant over the weekend.  Ellis Russell scored on Saturday with his first maximum points taking first overall with all three race wins.  Martin Bostock was chasing hard behind finishing 2-3-2 to take second overall with some fine riding.  Sam Crompton recovered well from a shocking first race and placed 9-2-4 to take third overall.


Sunday saw new boy Joe Sutton take the glory with two cracking race wins.  Maximum points on the day saw Sutton atop the podium in first overall.  Ellis Russell again was running at the front and placed 2-2 to take second overall in style.  Martin Bostock also kept the pace up and again was stood on the podium at the end of the day in third overall.


Next out went the Intermediate B group and on Saturday saw impressive riding from Michael Graham.  Graham was awesome throughout the day and took maximum points to take overall first.  Recovering after the first race to take places 7-2-2 and a deserved second overall was James Milne.  Stephen Newbould is looking better every meeting and took last podium place in third overall.


Sunday saw some excellent battling between Jac Atkinson and Alex Smith for the race lead.  Race one saw Smith take overall first placing 1-2, but Atkinson took the second race win and placing 2-1 had the better last race which meant that Atkinson had a well earned overall first position and left Smith in second.  Michael Graham again showed his mettle to battle through to second overall on Sunday placing 3-3 to do so.


The Experts had their usual 2 motos and with a full line up they packed the spectators rows deep at the ropes.  Saturday saw fierce battling with steady Daniel Hutchinson placing 2-2 to get the overall first position.  James Lassu was tied on points with Hutchinson but the last race gave first to Hutchinson leaving Lassu in second overall.  Glenn Fletcher got a fantastic start in the second race and ended the day overall third with inspired riding.


Sunday again saw a full line up for the Experts and there was no denying Matthew Moffat some credit for some superb riding againsy class riders.  Maximum points with two wins saw Moffat take first place prize monay.  James Lassu again was highly placed finishing 3-3 to take a great second overall  Third place was tied on points but Daniel Hutchinson had the better last race with an excellent second took overall third leaving Bryn Clarke in fourth overall.


Thanks as usual must go to several people; Team 90, Eddymed, Squad 90 marshalls led by Mick Sherriff, Lee Smith, Score 90 consisting of Julie, Nic, Andrea and Chris and the sponsors and most of all the riders!  They were awesome to watch and everyone had a great day.  As well as top 10 trophies in all groups the club gave out sweets for all the riders, free rides on the raffle and extra prizes to the top 10 Small Wheel 85 riders!  Top 10 Intermediate B riders also got extra prizes and holeshot prizes were won by all the Youth groups on Sunday and the Expert A groups on both days.  The dads race was won by the Rochdale Rocket Neil Waterworth riding Thomas Davies’ bike in style and was a great laugh.  Terry Hamer was black flagged for cutting the track, Chris Chapman stalled it on the line (again), Gareth Pryce took a tumble or two and Mick Sherriff will never be the same again!  The disco and karaoke on Saturday night went down a treat and it was lovely to see everyone laughing and having a good time.

Race Report: Lynsey Hamer

Auto Rider Kian Collinwood – Photo courtesy of MXCam


Saturday Overalls:



Autos:                         1. Kian Collinwood                2. Lewis Wood                                                           3. Lewis McLeary                      4. Brad Holden

5. Oliver Johnson                    6. Ellis Jones


Jnr 65:                         1.Lewis Hall                            2. Denny Rapson

3. Dane Clarke Reeves            4. Kurtis Griffiths

5. George Hollins                    6. Luke Arrowsmith


SW 85:                        1. Jack Camwell                      2. Keenan Armstrong

3. Joe Jacques                          4. Tom Hume

5. James Camwell                   6. George Sim-Mutch


BW 85:                        1. Michael Eccles                    2. Gradie Featherstone

3. Will Jeonney                       4. Lauren Collinwood

5. Jack Naylor                         6. Jake Biggs


Youth 125:                  1. Connor Clark                      2. Neil Roe

3. Ryan Thornhill                    4. Thomas Davies

5. Dillon Polson                      6. Daryl Wallis


Novice C:                    1. Ellis Russell             2. Martin Bostock

3. Sam Crompton                    4. Simon Barker

5. Josh Hatton                         6. Philip Dalgleish


Inter B:                        1. Michael Graham                  2. James Milne

3. Stephen Newbould             4. Ross Graham

5. David Durose                      6. Alan Eaves


Expert A:                    1.Daniel Hutchinson               2. James Lassu

3. Glenn Fletcher                    4. Peter Eccles

5. Jake Preston                        6. Thomas Kirk



Sunday Overalls:



Autos:                         1. Kian Collinwood                2. Ellis Jones

3. Lewis Wood                       3. Lewis McLeary

5. Brad Hudson                      6. Oliver Johnson


Jnr 65:                         1. James Scott                         2. Denny Rapson

3. Lewis Hall                           4. Kurtis Griffiths

5.Kacey Hird                          6.  George Hollins


SW 85:                        1. Keenan Armstrong              2. Keenan Hird

3. Joe Jacques                          4. Tom Hume

5. Will Keogh                          6. Troy Willerton


BW 85:                        1. Michael Eccles                    2. Will Jeonney

3. Scooter Webster                  4. Kenny Ryalls

5.Ben Appleyard                     6. Jack Naylor


Youth 125:                  1. Jack Kelly                           2. Ryan Thornhill

3. Ben Halfpenny                    4. Thomas Davies

5. Neil Roe                              6. Tim Gardham


Novice C:                    1. Joe Sutton                           2. Ellis Russell

3. Martin Bostock                   4. Thomas Brown

5. Pete Swannack                    6. Richard Chapman


Inter B:                        1. Jac Atkinson                       2. Alex Smith

3. Michael Graham                  4. James Milne

5. Stephen Newbould             6. David Durose


Expert A:                    1.Matthew Moffat                  2. James Lassu

3. Daniel Hutchinson              4. Bryn Clarke

5. Tom Kelly                           6. Peter Eccles


Dad’s Race Winner:

Neil Waterworth

Holeshot Winners:

Saturday Expert A: Glenn Fletcher * Sunday Expert A: Ryan Crowder

Auto: Brad Holden * Jnr 65: Denny Rapson * SW85: Will Keogh

BW85: Michael Eccles * Youth Open: Connor Clark

Weekend Winners:


Junior 65

SW 85

BW 85

Youth Open

Novice C

Inter B

Kian Collinwood

Denny Rapson

Keenan Armstrong

Micky Eccles

Ryan Thornhill

Ellis Russell

Michael Graham

Lewis Wood

Lewis Hall

Joe Jacques

Will Jeonney

Neil Roe

Martin Bostock

James Milne

Lewis McLeary

Dane Clarke Reeves

Tom Hume

Jack Naylor

Thomas Davies

Josh Hatton

Stephen Newbould


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