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September 26, 2011

Fuchs Silkolene 2 stroke Championship


he 125cc class has seen some of the closest racing we’ve seen all season, a fact that’s substantiated by the statistic that going into this round there were only 3 points separating title contenders John Pettitt and Luke Remmer. With only three of the six previous overalls going to either man it was going to be a case of leaving it all out on the track if you wanted to be champ!

In the first moto Luke Remmer made no mistakes in getting his challenge under way as he pretty much grabbed the holeshot and checked out, leading from the first corner to the last and pulling out a twelve second lead in the process. Unfortunately for Pettitt his challenge was to require a bit more work as a poor start left him back in 11th as they crossed the tape for the first time. Knowing what was needed of him Pettitt got his head down and carved his way through the pack, getting into second spot by lap 7 and holding onto it until the flag.

Big Wheel rider Fraser Viner, making a guest appearance in the Junior class, put on a fantastic display, finishing the moto in third, ahead of a whole host of expert riders. Jake Fry took a well-earned second place and seventh in race and had worked his way through the pack in the process. Callum Cree rounded out the top three.

Going into the second moto the points were even between Pettitt and Remmer so it was game on! Remmer once again got into the lead, a position that he held for the first 7 laps until arch rival Pettitt made a pass for the lead. On the last lap Remmer made a pass for the lead, but it turns out that it was under a yellow flag and the resulting one minute penalty relegated him back to second behind Pettitt even though they crossed the line only inches apart.


In the junior class Fraser Viner took the holeshot of the race but unfortunately dropped back into 12th in the race but worked his way back to 6th in race and first in class ahead of Terry Lloyd in second and Christian Lyth in third who a second apart at the end. Lloyd also had a fantastic start gating third in the race where as Lyth had to work his way through the pack.

So, heading into the third and final moto it was Pettitt with a three point lead, if Remmer won then it would be a tie so the result would be calculated on count back for the number of wins….which it turned out were also equal….hmmm headaches!!

As it happens the third race was one of the best races of the season with Remmer and Pettitt swapping the lead several times throughout the duration of the race. As they entered the last lap it was Pettitt who held a two second lead, and the championship, over Remmer….until lady luck joined the party! Entering the whoops on the far side of the track Pettitt made a mistake, crashed, and had to watch helplessly as Remmer passed him as he got going again. Pettitt put in a last ditch effort to make up the gap but crashed again and finished the race in seventh. Remmer went on to take the win and the title chase was done, well at least for this season!

In the Junior class it was Fraser Viner who once again got the holeshot to the race but soon moved out the way to let Remmer and Pettitt get on with the title decider and sat in third place for some time but slipped back to sixth in the race and first in class from Terry Llyod and Thomas Kirk.


Photos: Ian Roxburgh

Culham Overall


1st Luke Remmer

2nd John Pettitt

3rd Danny Tollet


1st Fraser Viner

2nd Terry Lloyd

3rd Jake Fry

Championship Top 10


1st Luke Remmer

2nd John Pettitt

3rd Danny Tollet

4th Charles Statt

5th Luke Kennett

6th Ryan Pottenger

7th Nathan Rooks

8th Jim Davies

9th Elliot Reeves

10th Ben Thomson


1st Jamie Houghton

2nd Thomas Kirk

3rd Terry Lloyd

4th Jake Fry

5th Christian Lyth

6th Simon Booth

7th Callum Sloman

8th Chubby Hammond

9th Ben Evans

10th Ryan Butler


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