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September 25, 2011

RedBull Pro Nationals Season Final


Moto 1

When the gate dropped it was Boost Energy KTM’s Martin Barr with the quickest reactions as he tore into turn one in first place. With Anderson having a bad start Jake Nicholls slotted into second with pole setter Gert Krestinov in third. Further back in the field Elliott Banks-Browne had a shocker of a start as nerves got the better of him, but fortunately for him Mel Pocock’s title ambitions took a turn for the worse as a crash left him mired down the field in 41st place at the end of lap one.

Within a couple of laps Anderson had regrouped and began working his way forwards picking off Krestinov and Nicholls in successive laps, before hunting down Barr who was trying to make a break at the front. No matter how hard Barr pushed Ando seemed to have the measure of him and on lap 5 the PAR Honda rider made his move and relieved Barr of the lead. Further back in the MX1 class Samsung Yamaha’s Kristian Whatley was laying down some blistering laps, overtaking Nicholls and moving up onto the back wheel of Krestinov, who was sitting in third. With Krestinov struggling in some of the deep ruts Whatley put his line picking skills to good use and put a pass on Krestinov to take third in the 11th lap. With his wrist starting to hurt EBB started to make some mistakes, nearly going over the bars on one of the downhills. Knowing that Pocock was still behind him EBB was able to drop the pace slightly, losing a coupe of spots in the process, crossing the line in 5th place, one place ahead of Pocock and as your new 2011 MX2 champion.

Elliott Banks-Browne “It feels amazing, it hasn’t really sunk in at the minute but to be the Red Bull Pro National MX2 champion is amazing. I did all I had to do, you know I had some real sketchy moments out there, my hand came off the bars, all sorts, but I did what I needed to do and I won the championship, I really can’t say any more it’s amazing. At the moment it just feels like any other race, it would have been better if I’d won it but it still feels awesome, at the end of the day I’m the Red Bull Pro Nationals Champion.”


1st Brad Anderson

2nd Martin Barr

3rd Kristian Whatley


1st Jake Nicholls

2nd Steven Clarke

3rd Neville Bradshaw

Moto 2

In the second moto it was the LPE Kawasaki of Gert Krestinov who was quickest out of the gate, with Anderson and Lane’s Kawasaki’s Alex Snow filling out second and third spot. Krestinov proceeded to lay down some blistering laps as he tried to gap the field but within four laps Anderson had hunted down and passed the Kawasaki rider. By the end of the first lap Samsung Yamaha’s Kristian Whatley had moved himself into third and by lap three put himself into position to relieve Krestinov of second, before putting the hammer down and closing in on race leader Anderson. Further back in fourth and fifth places Boost KTM team mates Martin Barr and Nez Parker were having their own battle, with Barr struggling a bit against the 450’s. After several laps Barr passed Parker, only to push the front end out, drop it and allow Parker back past, leaving him to try and do it all again. Barr wasn’t the only one to take a soil sample, as Whatley made a mistake through the whoops and dropped it, and while he didn’t lose any positions, any chance of challenging Ando for the lead were long gone.

In the MX2 class Bryan Mackenzie took a well deserved victory, which also gave him his first overall of the season. Neville Bradshaw continued his fine run of form by finishing second and newly crowned MX2 champ Elliott Banks-Browne put a pass on Mel Pocock three laps before the end to take third place and third overall.



1st Brad Anderson

2nd Kristian Whatley

3rd Gert Krestinov


1st Bryan Mackenzie

2nd Neville Bradshaw

3rd Elliott Banks-Browne

Overalls MX1

1st Brad Anderson 50pts

2nd Kristian Whatley 42pts

3rd Martin Barr 40pts


1st Bryan Mackenzie 43pts

2nd Neville Bradshaw 42pts

3rd Elliott Banks-Browne 36pts


Championship Standings


1st Brad Anderson

2nd Martin Barr

3rd Gert Krestinov



1st Elliott Banks-Browne

2nd Mel Pocock

3rd Bryan Mackenzie



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