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October 19, 2011


Adults - A Revill 26 (East Coast) comes through the pack past a North East rider & up to two Cumbria riders

Congratulations to Cambridge CJSC for winning the ACU BYMX TEAM EVENT as they took the lead from race 1 and fended off the challenges from the Scottish Terriers snapping at their heals all the way down to the last race as Scotland never gave up the battle. The passionate and committed Irish battled with dedicated Cumbria to take the final Podium spot.

Salter’s Lane motoparc was superbly built and prepared by Mark Reville who gave us a track, which promoted the closest racing the BYMX has seen this year. There were some great battles throughout the meeting in all classes but it was the determined CJSC, superbly led by Team Manager Maryann Mell with their noisy entourage of devoted club supported, with horns a plenty who were determined to taste the fruits of victory after the last two years as runners-up.

The event was a huge success with rule changes meaning that no made up teams were allowed, it had to be a club, which made the event that even more special. Seven Clubs took up the challenge and just like the MX Nations it was the lowest scores to count with 1 point for a win and with 35 riders in each race, every place was important with no scores to drop and a DNF worth 40 points. Every single rider did their utmost, with some having to push their bikes around that track for a finish to reduce team scores. It is hard to pick out individuals as this truly is a team event and everyone plays their part for the club that they love. From the little auto riders who stepped up a class for the event to the national riders, even GP stars, everyone was important and the true team sprit came across with the atmosphere electric.

Congratulations has to go to the ACU for making the changes which resulted in some of the best racing this year and not just at the front but all the way through the pack.  Team battles were a plenty from CJSC and Scotland’s scrap for top honours, Irish and Cumbria for the final Podium spot and North East and East Coast for sixth. Cheshire North West some the pluckiest Auto riders stepping up for their first Junior class rides and also Juniors to Small Wheels.

Class Highlights:

Fast starting Tom Grimshaw (CJSC) took a race win off of BYMX Champion Alexander Brown (Scotland) in the first as he put a great pass on the Scotsman for the win. Four of the CJSC team riders of Grimshaw, Osmaston, Scott, Hearn & Martin were never out of the Top 10 in any race which lead not only to their class victory but the lowest total of 197 from of all teams in all classes by 51 points for the weekend.

The closest racing was in the small wheels with no one dominating the proceedings with Jack Camwell (CJSC) taking 3 wins, Daniel Bewley (Cumbria) 2 wins and Alfie Mountford  (CJSC) 1 win.

Top performer of the weekend was Brad Todd (Cumbria) in the Big Wheels with six race wins however John Adamson (Scotland) and Ben Cole (CJSC) put some great passes on Brad but they didn’t last for long.

In the Youth class the top five riders were close with a tie for the top on 17 points between Mark Perfect (Scotland) and Robert Hales (CJSC). Move of the day had to be Hales take on the last corner to win from Perfect in the fifth race. Perfect took 3 wins, Hales 1 win, Jay Lamb (Scotland) 1 win, Murray Clunie (Scotland) 1 win.

The Adults class top performer wasn’t the expected Irish GP Star and Nations rider Stuart Edmonds (perhaps it was the pressure!), but Cheshire North West’s Ash Wilde with 4 wins and Edmonds with 2 wins to boost his team onto the podium.

Team Overalls

1st CJSC 1,824         2nd SCOTLAND 1,962     3rd IRELAND 2,424      4th CUMBRIA  2,591        5th CHESHIRE NWSC 3,176      6th NORTH EAST MX 3,506 7th EAST COAST 3,662

Class Results

1st CJSC 197         2nd SACU 273     3rd North East MX 532      4th MCUI 605        5th Cumbria 608    6th Cheshire NWSC 797    7th East Coast Mx 804.

Small Wheels
1st CJSC 332        2nd MCUI 423    3rd SACU 515    4th Cumbria 560           5th North East MX 633    6th East Coast Mx 665        7th Cheshire NWSC 684.

Big Wheels
1st CJSC 259       2nd SACU 417    3rd Cumbria 468    4th MCUI  547        5th East Coast Mx 613        6th Cheshire NWSC  651    7th North East Mx 869

1st SACU 248        2nd CJSC 336         3rd MCUI 514    4th Cumbria 567       5th Cheshire NWSC 597       6th North East MX 768    7th East Coast MX 778

1st MCUI 335      2nd Cumbria 388    3rd Cheshire NWSC 447    4th SACU 509 5th CJSC 700       6th North East MX 704    7th East Coast MX 802

One Comment

  1. Kevin Hearn

    What a fantastic meeting and great track.

    CJSC Team were:
    65: Archie Osmaston, Jordan Hearn, Reece Martin, Tom Grimshaw, Jack Scott
    SW85: Jack Camwell, Alfie Mountford, Tom Hume, Bradley Lilburn, Myles Saunders
    BW85: Ben Cole, Adam Day, Nathan Dixon, Alfie Bowtell, Danny Mell
    Youth: Robert Hales, Ben Watling, Russell Cramp, Tom Kirk, Daryl Wallis.
    Adults: Andrew Stephenson, Sean Avory, Ashley Gurbutt, Ashley Stiff, George Clayborne.

    DREAM TEAM : Well done lads.

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