February 9, 2012

Catching up with Dean Lane – Lanes Kawasaki


As the start of the racing season rapidly approaches the teams start to get their equipment tested and their riders familiar with the bikes.

We managed to catch up with Dean Lane of the Sussex based team, Lanes Kawasaki and the teams new signing Marc DeReuver to ask about what’s in store for the team in 2012.

Dean, Marc, thanks for taking time out to chat with us.

Firstly, Dean can you tell us how the Lanes Kawasaki team came to fruition?

We was sponsors of Mark Chamberlains MVR-D team from 2008- 2010, then we decided to have a go ourselves. We contacted Ross Burridge of Kawasaki Motors which went well, then we just went from their.

How did 2011 finish for the team?

2011 was an up an down year really, but well enjoyed and our MX1 rider Alex Snow ended the season good.

What were the high points of 2011 for you?

High point was Alex getting into a couple of GPs and scoring points.

You have defiantly stepped it up for 2012 with the signing of Marc. How did you manage to get the multi-GP winning Dutch rider, Marc De Reuver to commit to the UK?

Haha, yes I still pinch myself at times, my dad and I was talking to a friend and trainer of Sunny Thompson who is also best friends with Marc.

He set up a meeting in Holland, The meeting went so well and we done a deal almost straight away. We were very happy indeed. So thank you Henry.

Will Lanes Kawasaki be signing anyone else for 2012?

We have a three rider team, one in each class.

Marc de Reuver MX1, Sunny Thompson MX2 and James Harrison MXY2.

I guess you have been testing by now, how is Marc suited to the 2012 KX450F?

He looks at home on the KX450, and Man he’s quick!!!

Now you have seen Marc on the bike, what results are you realistically expecting?

Podiums for sure, like I say he’s fast!!! I think he’ll soon get to grips with the UK tracks to.

So where will the fans be able to get their first look at the team and what series will you be attending?

Our first meeting in UK is the International at Hawkstone, We will be contesting the Maxxis British, Pro-Redbull Nationals and selected GPs. We can also be seen doing the Dutch Championships.

Have you finalist your sponsors and if so who has stepped up to help you this year?

Some of our sponsors from last year have carried on with us, so thank you very much to them. We are still seeking other sponsors (so if theirs anyone out their wanting to support this fun and exciting team, then please get in contact)

Dean, we wish you every success this year and look forward to seeing Lanes Kawasaki on many podiums.



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