February 9, 2012

Catching Up With Marc DeReuver – Lanes Kawasaki


ProAm-mx managed to catch up with multi-GP winning Dutch rider, Marc De Reuver as he prepairs for racing in the UK.

Marc, You have signed a deal with Lanes Kawasaki in 2012, how the hell did Dean manage to get you over here?

Hahaha well it’s not such a big deal. I have a buddy here named Henri and he knows the people. I told him I wanna ride in Great Britain and I was looking for a team. That’s how I get in contact with Dean and his dad Dennis and we got down to talk with each other and the deal was done quick. First impression was very warm and I knew this is the right people to put some results in with!

You are now on the KX450F, how does it feel and can you tell us how testing is going?

Well everything that is new is great you know, but I have to say that the Kawasaki is really good. Think it’s from 2008 that I had such a good bike. I have full backing from Pro Circuit and Harry Nolte from the CLS Kawasaki team makes sure my engines are fresh at all time.

We all know you can ride sand, but what tracks have you been to while testing?

Well, it’s quite a missunderstanding I am not good enough on hard tracks. I won 3 of my 4 GP’s on hardpack and I really enjoy riding it. We also decided not to ride in Spain or the USA. Why go there if the weather is good here and spent all that money for nothing. I stayed here and I must say I have had one of my best winters so far. I did some testing in Holland and some in England.

You picked up a couple of injurys last year, can you tell us what they were and if you are now fit and healthy?

I don’t talk about history anymore. I wanna look forward and I know I am healthy and fit now. So it only will get better from now on!

How much do you know about the MX scene in the UK?

Well I know Simpson, Dougan and all those boys well. Shame Anderson went to Australia. I like him. He is a good rider and always up for some action! I did ride Lyng before and I am going to ride Fat cats soon. So I don’t know all the tracks. But I just follow everybody and I will get to know them right!

The talent in the MX1 class is pretty stacked this year, who do you feel will be your biggest rivals and what results are you expecting?

Yeah! The main competition will be Simpson, Strijbos, Dougan, Sword and Whatley I guess. Going to be a good year I think!

We hear your first race for the team will be the Hawkstone International in February. You have graced the podium many times, do you feel you can accomplish another podium place this year?

Yeah! I love that track! Feels like coming home that much I rode there. Podium spot is where we going for! I feel good. Most importantly is that I enjoy and feel happy. Strange things can happen then! 😉

Marc, thanks for talking with us, we wish you a great season in 2012 here in the UK.




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