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February 28, 2012

Jack Nails Fat Cats – White Rose MXC (ORPA)

Jack Naylor BW85

The first round of the WRMXC Muk Junkie Summer Series saw a great turn out at the Fat Cats venue at Armthorpe, with everyone hoping to get a good start to the popular summer series campaign.

In the busy A Class, Luke Remmer came out on top, with two firsts and a second giving him the overall win and the top prize money, narrowly ahead of James Lassu who recorded two seconds and a first for second overall. A consistant three third places gave James Nottingham third overall.

The B class went to Josh Ison, who put in three wins from three for the overall win on the day. A second and a third place gave Alex Buchanan second overall, with David Lamb taking third.

The Novice C class, saw some great racing, with Lee Garike taking the overall win. John Wright took second on the day, with Tony Ross taking third.

Two wins and a second place gave Josh Bentley the overall win in the Youth Open class. Kurt Williams rode well to take second overall, with Sam Braithwaite taking third.

The Big wheel 85 class was dominated by Jack Naylor, who recorded a great three wins from three for the overall win. Three third places gave Daniel Neil second overall, with Joe Jefferies taking third.

The battle of the little wheels went to young Nathan Claughan, who again managed a clean sweep with three wins from three. Ben Ruddicks three second places secured second overall for him, with Ben Knight taking third overall.

Two wins and a second place gave Patrick Jackson the overall win in the 65 class. Elliot Barras’s win and two second places gave him second overall, with three third places for Harvey Ward giving him third on the day.

Ben Clarke’s three wins from three gave him a deserved overall win in the Auto class, with Jonty Wright’s three second places gave him second on the day, with Josh Robson rounding things off with three third places for third overall.

Thanks to all the Whiterose crew for ensuring the meeting ran smoothly, and we look forward to seeing you all on the 11th March at Grange Moor for Round 2 of the Muk Junkie Summer Series.


Round 1 Results:


1. Luke Remmer
2. James Lassu
3. James Nottingham
4. Harry Lawerence
5. Ryan McPartland
6. Jason Martin


1. Josh Ison
2. Alex Buchanan
3. David Lamb
4. Dan Wainwright
5. Nick Luckman
6. Luke Robinson


1. Lee Garike
2. Jon Joe Wright
3. Tony Ross
4. Richard Edgar
5. Louis Stead
6. Steve Short


1. Josh Bentley
2. Kurt Williams
3. Sam Braithwaite
4. McKenzie Field
5. James Henderson
6. Gary Kiddy


1. Jack Naylor
2. Daniel Neil
3. Joe Jefferies
4. Joe Sutcliffe
5. Robert Ainley
6. Ryan Hawkridge


1.Nathan Claughan
2. Ben Ruddick
3. Ben Knight
4. Connor Murfin
5. Matteo Minchella
6. Jack Bennett


1. Patrick Jackson
2. Elliot Barrass
3. Harvey Ward
4. Preston Williams
5. Ethan Cooper
6. Ollie Johnson


1. Ben Clarke
2. Jonty Wright
3. Josh Robson
4. Leo Eden
5. Kyle Peel
6. Samuel Jackson


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