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February 21, 2012

YMSA Winter Round 2 Sherwood – 19/2/2012


The second and final round of the YMSA Winter series got off to a flying start this weekend with over 200 riders signed on to ride the track at Sherwood.

A busy line up of Auto riders were first to venture out onto the track.  Charlie Heyman nailed a fantastic win in race one but Oliver Woods was hot on his heels to finish in second.  Kieran Austin finished third in race one and then went on to blast his way up the start straight to get the holeshot in race two.  Charlie and Oliver were quick to push through to take up the top spots and Oliver showed sheer determination as he fought hard to get past Charlie to take the win.  Both Kieran and Oliver Foxon were extremely close but it was Kieran who triumphed to a third place finish.  The tables were turned in race three as the top two positions matched those from race one.  Oliver Foxon took the third place finish in race three.

The Junior riding was great to watch as Lewis Hall conquered all three races.  Ridnig was consistent all day with the top three riders as Casey Hird finished second in all three races and Kurtis Griffiths bagged third position in all three too.

The Small Wheel races saw some very close racing and some very hard riding.  Race one saw Daniel Shepherd ride for the chequered flag with Keenan Hird coming in close behind.  Jake Taylor had a good ride in race one as he finished in third.  Daniel took the holeshot for race two but Keenan pushed past to take the lead.  Daniel did not give up hope for his win as he tailed Keenan round the track.  It was all go on the whoop section for Daniel as he pushed hard to get past Keenan and take the second win.  James McFayden came third in race two.  Race three results matched the results in race two as Daniel took to the lead once again.

The Big Wheel class saw Kenny Ryalls put on a dominant show that saw him win each race with a good few seconds lead.  A hard charging Will Jeonney pressed hard all the way to second place in each race.  It was the third place finishes that were distributed amongst the other riders, with a different rider in each race.  Ashley Wheelhouse, Joe Jacques and Jimmy Margetson all had third place finishes throughout the day.

There was no stopping Alex Rach in the Adult A class as he stormed around the track at ease.  Patrick Major was on top form too as he pulled out the stops in races one and two to finish smoothly in second position.  Lee Harrison took the holeshot and the lead for the first lap in race two, finishing the race with a second place position.

Ashley Leith got a good lead in race one in the Adult B class.  Good starts also went to Ryan Thorp and Ashley Horsnall, who were riding against each other in for the first few laps to secure a second position.  Ashley took the second place finish and then went on to take the wins in races two and three, but Ashley was close behind to take the second positions.  Tom Wightman rode consistently with third place finishes in all three races.

Mark Houson triumphed twice in the Adult C class with race wins in the first and last race.  Ryan Eccles took the win in race two while Andy Hall gained second place finishes in the first two races.  Kieran Leith finished in second position in race three.

Senior rider Macauley Madden got the holeshot for race one and led the race for a couple of laps but Matty Callahan was chasing Macauley hard.  They both had a good lead ahead of the other riders and Matty took the race win with Macauley coming second and Danny Wright finished third.  Matty continued to win the rest of the races with Macauley taking second.  Ben Halfpenny came third in the final two races.

A big thank you goes to all riders who have competed in the Winter series.  The YMSA Championship starts on the 4th of March at Doncaster Moto Parc, Finningley.

Written by Nat Jarvis

Photographs by Lisa Griffiths

Overall results for Winter series


1- Leon Travis     2- Oliver Foxon     3- George Botterill     4 – Keeton Cooper     5- Jude Turton     6- Aidan Tomlinson


1- Lewis Hall     2- Harvey Ward     3- Rossi Beard     4 – Casey Hird     5- Declan Hunter     6- Kurtis Griffiths

Small Wheels::

1- James McFayden     2- Aaron Hanson     3- Denny Rapson     4 –Will Digby     5- Daniel Shepherd     6- Keenan Hird

Big Wheels:

1- Ashley Wheelhouse     2- Ryan Hawkridge     3- Joe Jacques     4- Kenny Ryalls     5- Ross Clarke     6- Harry Prady

Adult Open A’s:

1- Cory Nemeth     2- Alex Rach     3- Carlton Husband     4- Thomas Batty     5- Ryan Bruce     6- Ryan Burton

Adult Open B’s:

1- James Mycocl     2- Lewis Ellis     3- Danny Feltham     4- Troy Flynn     5- Josh Marshall     6- John Lightfoot

Adult Open C’s:

1- Mike Prady     2- David Broughton     3- John Pattison     4 – Michael Goff      5- Aaron Boundy     6- Jake Lorryman


1- Kurtis Williams     2- Matty Calahan     3- Josh Bentley     4 – Macauley Madden     5- Jake Keogan     6- Ben Halfpenny




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