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March 31, 2012

YMSA Championship 2 Sherwood – 25/3/2012


The weather triumphed for the YMSA as riders turned out to ride at the Sherwood track for the second championship meeting of the season.

The Autos were out in force this weekend as 28 riders lined the gate for the first race of the day. The first race saw Ben Clark take the lead, Kieran Austin take second and Oliver Woods in third. Keeton Cooper was fast out of the gate in the second race but Ben soon took the lead again. Ben took the trophy for first overall, Oliver took second overall and Kieran took third.

In the Junior races, Lewis Hall was in a class of his right to the flag in each race. In both races one and two, Lewis stormed to take the chequered and Kurtis Griffiths was following behind in second position. Danny Clarke secured third in these race too. Danny whipped up the start straight to take the holeshot for the third and final race for the Juniors but Lewis soon powered through to gain a good lead over Danny. A crash on the first lap of race three meant that Kurtis finished lower than expected but still gained enough points for third overall. Lewis took the overall pole position and Danny came second overall.

Danny Shepherd displayed some top class riding in the Small Wheel class as he dominated all three races, taking the trophy for first overall. Jake Taylor pushed hard and triumphed with three second position finishes. With two third place finishes, Jake Waterworth was in the running for third place overall but Jake Winnard and Sammy Price gained higher positions in race three. However, the overall points secured Waterworth his overall third.

It was Jordan Eccles who led the pack of Big Wheel riders in every race to secure first overall position. Race one saw Jack Naylor and Joe Jacques ride hard for second and third position. Jack was awarded with second overall. Third overall went to Joe Jacques.

The Adult A’s were flying round the track at Sherwood and it was James Nottingham who took the first chequered flag, followed by Thomas Batty and Patrick Major. Patrick then stepped up his game for the next two races and rocketed to the front of the pack. Race three was the one to watch as James Nottingham took the hole shot and led the race right until the last lap, where Patrick took the lead.
James took second overall and Thomas Batty finished in third.

Tom Cole took the holeshot for race one but Shaun Bamford soon took the lead to take the win with a good 15 seconds between him and Damon Smith in second position. Ashley Horsnall pushed up the pack to finish third. David Durose and Simon Howe were both racing hard for first position but David crossed the chequered flag first. Results differed again in race three as Ashley Horsnall finished in first, Will Stafford in second and David third.

A very full Adult C class raced hard throughout the day. Matt Byard shot up the straight for the holeshot and went on to finish second to Andy Hall. Andy secured overall first and Mike Prady came second overall. Andy Clark finished in third with race results 5-5-6.

Alex Hilton holeshot the first race in the Senior class and was followed by Dan Whitehead and Macauley Madden. The top runners were riding close together but it was no surprise to see Macauley pull through to take the lead. Race two saw Kurtis Williams finish second; combined with his other results this gave him second overall. Alex Hilton finished third overall.
Written by Nat Jarvis
Photographs by Lisa Griffiths

1- Ben Clark 2- Oliver Woods 3- Kieran Austin 4 – Leon Travis 5- Oliver Foxon 6- Finn O’Malley
1- Lewis Hall 2- Danny Clarke 3- Kurtis Griffiths 4 – Lewis Wood 5- Harvey Ward 6- Ethan Cooper
Small Wheels::
1- Daniel Shepherd 2- Jake Taylor 3- Jake Waterworth 4 –Connor Fish 5- Sammy Price 6- Benjamin Knight
Big Wheels:
1- Jordan Eccles 2- Jack Naylor 3- Joe Jacques 4- Robert Ainley 5- Kenny Ryalls 6- Ashley Wheelhouse
Adult Open A’s:
1- Patrick Major 2- James Nottingham 3- Thomas Batty 4- Ryan Bruce 5- Ben Halfpenny 6- Tim Warnes
Adult Open B’s:
1- Ashley Horsnall 2- David Durose 3- Simon Howe 4- Damon Smith 5- Chris Worthington 6- Jared Armstrong
Adult Open C’s:
1- Andy Hall 2- Mike Prady 3- Andrew Clark 4 – Matt Byard 5- George Bingham 6- Nikki Holland
1- Macauley Madden 2- Kurtis Williams 3- Alex Hilton 4 – Dan Whitehead 5- John Foster 6- Joel Reynolds


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