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October 23, 2012

Charlie Boi takes the day! – White Rose MXC (ORPA)

Charlie Boiston 65 Class Winner

WRMXC Winter Warriors saw 150 riders booked in for the first round at the popular Dalton Track. Despite the elements, including Fog that delayed the start of the meeting, three full blocks were still completed.

Daniel Hutchinson dominated the A Class with three good wins from three for the overall win. Dale Brockhurst’s three second places secured second overall for him, with Callum Wardman taking third on the day.

The B class went to Spencer Tidswell who recorded a first, second and thrid for the overall win with Lewis Arrowsmith claiming second spot and John Marsh third.

The Novice c class some some good racing, with Adam Morris coming out on top with a win and two third places, with S Humprhies taking second and Jake Major third overall.

Tom Bray returned from Injury with a great three wins from three for the overall win in the Youth Open. Robert Ainley’s two second places and a third gave him a great second overall with Callum Hirst taking third.

Regan Barrowclough’s great three wins from three gave him the overall win in the BW 85 class. Three second places gave Andrew Cochrane second overall with Matteo Minchella taking third.

Lewis Hall’s great three wins from three secured top spot in the SW 85 class, with Callum Crossland taking second place and Asa Stewart taking third overall.

Young Charlie Boiston produced a great performance for his first overall win in the 65 Class. Jonty Wright took second overall with Jordan Ryan taking Third.

The Auto Mini Warriors got off to a flying start with Mitchell Raine recording a great three wins from three for the overall win. Luke Dolman rode well with two second places and a third for second overall with Luke Batty taking third overall.

The Second Round of the Winter Warriors Series takes place at Grangemoor on the Sunday 11th November with the 2012 Presentaion taking place the night before, all welcome!

Photographs: Alex Daniels
Race Report: Ian Lessiter



1. Mitchell Raine
2. Luke Dorman
3. Luke Batty
4. Leeroy Mullen
5. Ryan Milner
6. Harley James


1. Charlie Boiston
2. Jonty Wright
3. Jordan Ryan
4. Will Clare
5. George Simpson
6. Ben Clarke

SW 85

1. Lewis Hall
2. Callum Crossland
3. Asa Stewart
4. Kane Rumble
5. Daniel Fisher
6. Thomas Dodsworth

BW 85

1. Regan Barrowclough
2. Andrew Cochrane
3. Matteo Minchella
4. Luke Fisher
5. Casey Rumble
6. Scott Chegg

Youth Open

1. Tom Bray
2. Robert Ainley
3. Callum Hirst
4. Joel Wales
5. Jacob Fieldsend
6. Matteo Minchella

C Class

1. Adam Morris
2. S Humphries
3. Jake Major
4. Jamie Dowson
5. Curtis Millburn
6. David Hanley

B Class

1. Spencer Tidswell
2. Lewis Arrowsmith
3. John Marsh
4. Neil Fort
5. Andy Tate
6. Lee Rutherford

A Class

1. Daniel Hutchinson
2. Dale Brockhurst
3. Callum Wardman
4. Jack Hills
5. Paul Liam Baxter
6. Simon Booth

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