February 23, 2013



Hello everyone,

Since my first newsletter we have had the first races of the season and it’s a great feeling to be back in the team’s trailer, to go behind the starting gate and to compete with the other riders. My life since the 1st of January has been dedicated to my job, which is also my passion – I think, sleep, eat and live for it! I’m lucky to have a fantastic girl friend, as Clementine shares the same goal and is always supporting and encouraging me.

The Winter training was great – we had nice weather in South of France where I spent most of the time with my training mechanic. I went several times to the Netherlands for some testing sessions with the team- during the last session we worked with a Japanese technician who joined us, and who was also in Valence. He is ‘the eyes of the factory”, and he brought some new parts for us to test. We got our factory Kawasaki early this year, as the first GP is one month earlier than usual. The team and the factory in Japan have both worked hard to give us the material in time, and I feel that everyone is motivated and behind the riders. With our results last year we bring brought back the Kawasaki Racing Team as one of the top teams, and I see that everyone has a new and stronger motivation – each member of the staff gives 200% in his job, you can’t believe how good this feels! The Kawasaki factory has already impressed me last year but they have done even more this winter and that’s really great.

We had three pre-season races on our program, but Hawkstone Park was cancelled due to the bad weather which was a pity for the promoters and the fans and of course the riders. Mantova was the first race for me – it was very early in the season and on Sunday the track was frozen in some sections and you had to ride carefully. Valence was better, I had a very good feeling and the track was good to ride. I posted some fast laps during the practice sessions, got good starts and won two heats so it was a good weekend. In the pre season races I never battled too close with other riders as my main goal, the main goal of the team, the factory and my sponsors is the World Championship. All expect a lot from the World series and these pre-season races are just one part of our training program. Rather than training alone I prefer racing, going behind a starting gate, working with the team members during a race to prepare the GP’s in the best conditions. Today I know where I am, and I can tell you that we’re ready for Qatar!

This winter I haven’t be able to join the French Federation prize giving ceremony, it was incompatible with my training program, but I didn’t want to miss the centenary of the Federation which took place in the famous ‘Moulin Rouge’ in Paris. With Clementine we went to Paris where we spent some great time during this party, among 800 guests. President Bolle did a nice speech, the film retrospective was interesting and the show in this mythic ‘Moulin Rouge’ was great. I think that the Federation is doing a good job – I’ve been a member of the French MXON Team for four years now and I have just completed my trainer licence with them as well and I feel that they are working well and have a good strategy. They bought some motocross tracks in France so that thousand of riders can continue to practice. I don’t know if so many federations do this for their members!

To end this second newsletter I would like to say ‘thank you’ to my fans for their support – I was very happy and proud to see that I have now more than 20000 fans on my facebook page. Also to get so much support from the fans in Mantova and Valence was great, thanks a lot and see you soon!



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